Airport Projects

Indoor Navigation System

Indoor Navigation System guides the passengers to boarding gates, Baggage Carousels, Airport amenities, Exit Gates, Car Parking, Cab pickup point, Public Transport.

Indoor Navigation system helps Airport Management to identify service metrics.

Indoor Navigation system helps Airlines to track their Passengers. Useful when passenger is found to be in airport but not boarded by boarding time / gates closure time. Send Targetted notifications, reach passenger directly.

Tank Level Monitoring (Water / Fuel)

Level Monitoring System monitors the level of Water / Fuel. Manual Continuous Monitoring is not possible at big facilities like airport. Automatic Monitoring and alerting brings in the operational efficiency.

Backhaul Technology:

  • LoRa
  • GSM


  • Pressure
  • Ultrasonic (non contact sensing)

Automatic Borewell Scheduling System

In large facilities like Airports, Defence Labs, OHT/GLR tanks and Borewell water pumps are far away.

This solution automatically controls borewell water pump based on tank water level.

This System brings in “Better Customer satisfaction” due to always water availability. This also brings in operational Efficiency and saves precious ground water and Energy.

thingAlert - A BLE based Service Alert System

Coin sized beacon can be sticked anywhere (on soap dispenser, Paper Napkin Dispenser, hand dryer, restroom door, washbasin)

If cleaning staff attention is needed, user needs to press the button. Cleaning staff will be alerted immediately.